Frequently Asked Questions

We got asked lots of questions about this trip. Here are the ones most often asked, once people had got over the shock of what we had actually accomplished!

How far did you cycle?

About 200 miles or 250 kilometres.

How long did it take?

Around 17 hours of riding time. Three days elapsed time.

Which route did you take?

London to Newhaven mostly via cycle route 21 and 20. Newhaven to Dieppe ferry. Dieppe to Paris via Avenue Verte, minor ‘D’ roads and cyclepaths.

Did you ride around in circles on the ferry?

No! We booked a cabin and went to sleep!

Why did you do this?

Purely for fun and to burn some energy!

How many people did this ride?

Just two solo ladies.

Did you get saddle sore?

Not at all. Our gel saddle covers literally saved our a***s!

Was this self supported?

Totally – we carried all our kit.

Were there any issues with the bicycles?

The bikes were serviced and tuned before we left and gave no problems whatsoever. We didn’t even get any punctures.

What bikes did you use?

Standard Carerra TDF road bikes with hybrid anti puncture tyres. The tyres don’t give any guarantees but we were lucky and certainly put them through their paces!