Kit List

For the Bike

Bicycle lock


3 x allen keys

Front and back lights


Spare inner tube

Puncture repair kit

Tyre removal levers

Pannier rack

Frame pouch

2x pannier bags

Water bottle holder

GoPro handle bar mount


5 x underwear sets

Fleece top


2 x t shirts

2 x base layer tops

Mid layer top

Water proof jacket

Wind proof jacket

Cycling shoes

Flip flops




Over shorts

Padded cycling shorts

Personal Items

Personal toiletries - hand gel, tissues, shampoo, deodorant, contact lenses, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, moisturiser, ibuprofen, razor

Gadgets - mobile phone and charger, power pack, French adapter plug, headphones and charger, GoPro camera and charger, drone

Travel essentials - passport, tickets, Euro health card, driving licence, debit and credit cards

Other items - ear plugs, first aid kit, sunglasses, Sustrans Avenue Verte book, water bottle, snacks, strong tape, waterproof phone pouch, dry bag, 2 x plastic carrier bags